Erie County’s Most Endangered Places

During the 1980’s and 1990’s, the Erie County Historical Society annually published the Endangered Properties in Erie County list. It served as a representative sampling of the most endangered historic resources in Erie, city and county. The purpose of the list was to encourage preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of buildings and sites in Erie County which have historical, architectural, and/or archaeological significance and were threatened with demolition, destruction or loss of integrity.

It is our belief that the publication of this list drew attention to important historic places in Erie County that the community was dangerously close to losing, promoted action to protect these assets, and encouraged the use of local, state and federal resources to help save them. For this reason, Preservation Erie and the Erie County Historical Society are joining forces to create a 2017 Erie County’s Most Endangered Places list.

And we need your help!

If you know and love a place that is being facing the threat of demolition, physical deterioration, inappropriate alteration, or a compromised setting due to development pressure, vacancy and abandonment, a depressed local economy, or limited interest or financial capacity of property owners, please consider nominating it to the 2017 Erie County’s Most Endangered Properties list. Nominations may be submitted by using the form below.

The deadline to submit a nomination is July 17, 2017.

Eligibility Requirements: The property must be…

  • listed or determined eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, or
  • a contributing structure in a National Register Historic District, or
  • considered historically or architecturally significant by the local community, and
  • faced with imminent, recognized endangerment either from overt action, neglect, incompatible use, or loss of context.

Evaluation Criteria: Nominations will be evaluated based on the…

  • architectural integrity and/or historical significance, and
  • identifiable threat, and
  • likelihood that inclusion on this list will make a positive impact on preservation efforts.

In addition to completing the form below, please submit 5-8 photographs showing multiple views of the property via email to Title email subject “Endangered Places Nomination: [NAME OF PROPERTY]”


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