Places That Matter

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Although the majority of our buildings are not listed on the National Register of Historic Places, they nonetheless represent important chapters of the social and cultural life of our community. From monumental industrial and commercial structures to public buildings to residential neighborhoods, these snapshots give us some idea of the fine detail, civic spirit, architectural splendor, and charm embedded in this region’s built environment.

Two local photographers, Ron McCarty and Tanya Mattson, have taken photographs of more than 80 “Places That Matter” – buildings that contribute to the life, beauty and history of Erie City and County. Here are a few of them. Do you recognize them?

We’d like your help in continuing to build a census of Erie Places That Matter.  In an effort to foster greater appreciation, protection and reuse of the historic built landscape of our region, Preservation Erie would like to know what buildings or structures in the greater Erie area – including beyond the bounds of the city – matter to you.  Which places are of significance to you, either architecturally, culturally, or perhaps they are important to the history and life of a neighborhood or in your own memory?

We invite you to send us your comments and suggestions for buildings to add to this growing “visual census” of special places that matter to the people of this region. Or send us your own photographs for inclusion on this website or post them to our FB page (fully credited, but without restrictions on their use).

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