Greater Erie Awards

The Greater Erie Awards are presented annually by the board of Preservation Erie to individuals, businesses or organizations that are exceptional stewards of the physical and cultural landscape that is Greater Erie. The springtime award reception also features a keynote address given by an acclaimed lecturer in the fields of historic preservation and urban planning.

The 2021 Greater Erie Awards Keynote was held Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 6 pm via Zoom Webinar. Watch the recorded webinar! The announcement of the (11) award recipients is being done through Preservation Erie’s social media accounts in the two to three weeks following the keynote presentation.


2020 Greater Erie Award Recipients

Fiske Building Maintenance and Restoration (102 High Street, Waterford): For the Adaptive Reuse of the Judson Building in downtown Waterford.

Community Shelter Services (2942 Myrtle Street, Erie): For the Adaptive Reuse of the Cochran House.

Grace Church (Holland and E. 7th Streets, Erie): For the Adaptive Reuse of the old Swedish Baptist Church building.

Bastion Studios (2016 Peach Street, Erie): For the Adaptive Reuse of the 1876 Daniel Illig House.

Goodell Gardens and Homestead (221 Waterford Street/Rte. 6N, Edinboro): For the restoration of their 1885 Bank Barn.

Russian Orthodox Church of the Nativity (247 E. Front Street, Erie): For the restoration of the gold domes atop the church.

Performing Artists Collective Alliance (1505 State Street, Erie): For the restoration of their State Street facade windows.

Jeff Kidder: For a career spanning commitment to historic preservation.

City of Erie: For creating the Erie Historic Preservation Task Force.

Erie Times News: For their coverage of preservation issues over the last year.

Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority: For creating and administering funding programs based on historic preservation principles.

Union City Borough: For development of the Union City Historic Preservation Plan.


2019 Greater Erie Award Recipients

Woda Cooper Companies (2064 Willow Street, Wesleyville): For their Adaptive Reuse of the former Wesleyville School into 45 one- and two-bedroom affordable apartments for seniors age 62 and over.

Velocity Network, Inc. (121 West 10th Street, Erie): For the Design Excellence exemplified in the preservation of the former Rothrock Building, showing an early investment in the Innovation District.

Dan and Sallie Shipley (Presque Isle State Park): For their focus on Preservation Excellence in the restoration of the historic steel intake tower at Presque Isle State Park.

The Hill District and Sisters of Saint Joseph Neighborhood Network: For the partnership’s focus on Education and Advocacy including a master plan for the district with preservation at its core.

Lawrence Park Historical Society (4230 Iroquois Avenue, Erie): For their addition to the National Register of Historic Places as a town worthy of preservation because of its historic design laid out by John Nolan, the nation’s first recognized city planner. 


2018 Greater Erie Award Recipients

Ruiz Barber Shop (602 West 18th Street, Erie): In recognition of Caesar Ruiz’s dedication to preservation excellence by returning the facade of the building to its original black glass tile after the building suffered damage.

Erie Federal Credit Union (3503 Peach Street, Erie):  For the adaptive reuse of the Glenwood Elementary School into the modern headquarters for the Erie Federal Credit Union that seeks to incorporate historic touches throughout the building.

Pierre McCormick (124 Parade Street, Erie): For the preservation excellence used by homeowner Pierre McCormick in his execution of best practices in historic renovation.

Erie County Bar Association (429 + 427 West 6th Street, Erie): In recognition of the valiant decision of the Erie County Bar Association to preserve, rather than demolish, the neighboring building at their new headquarters in downtown Erie. Additionally, they have shown preservation excellence in their updates to the exterior of their headquarters.

Sham Market (760 East 12th Street, Erie): In recognition of Bassam Dabbah’s conversion of a corner bar into a Syrian Market to increase access to ingredients and specialities from that region. His market provides fresh produce and serves as a fine example of adaptive reuse.

Woman’s Club of Erie (259 West 6th Street, Erie): In recognition of their careful stewardship of the Downing-Galbraith Mansion. They have shown preservation excellence in their updates to both the interior and exterior of the clubhouse. 


2017 Greater Erie Award Recipients

The Studio at St. Mary’s: Space to Create (310 East 10th Street, Erie): In recognition of the Benedictine Sisters of Erie’s adaptive reuse of the former St. Mary’s school into a creative space for artists, performers, writers, and more.

PA National Guard Armory (100 Erie Insurance Place, Erie): In recognition of Erie Insurance’s adaptive reuse of the former armory into a collaborative work space.

Lawrence Park Dinor (4019 Main St., Erie): In recognition of Rick and Becky Standley’s preservation excellence of this 1950s dinor located in downtown Lawrence Park.

2016 Greater Erie Award Recipients

Curry’s Spectacle Shop (3202 Buffalo Road, Erie)In recognition of them operating their business in a former bank in Wesleyville and maintaining its historic character, both inside and out.

Victory Christian Center (1129 Pennsylvania Avenue, Erie)In recognition of their respectful transformation of the 1100 block of Pennsylvania, including an historic church and several buildings that were threatened with demolition, into a beautiful well-tended neighborhood.

U Frame It and the Poster Annex (731 W 8th Street, Erie)In recognition of commitment to their neighborhood and a façade restoration that returned a former drugstore back to its original charm.

2015 Greater Erie Award Recipients

Miller Brothers Power Equipment (2112 State Street, Erie): In recognition of their commitment to maintain a commercial enterprise in downtown Erie and repurpose one of our City’s well-known historic structures.

Latino’s Restaurant & Bar (1315 Parade Street, Erie): In recognition of their achievement in creating a true Latin American-styled establishment on Erie’s original Main Street, historic Parade Street.

Kerr’s Tire Korner (163 East 10th Street, Erie): In recognition of their commitment to maintain an auto-repair and service station in a historic commercial building.

2014 Greater Erie Award Recipients

The Remnant Store (306 East 11th Street, Erie): In recognition of generations of commitment to offer the finest fabrics to Greater Erie artists and upholsterers by securing end-bolts of fabric that would otherwise be discarded; and for maintaining a vital business in Erie’s east side.

Downtown YMCA (31 West 10th Street, Erie): In recognition of the YMCA’s century and a half of dedication nurturing the health of Erie residents and in honor of a sustained commitment to the stewardship of one of the City’s great structures – the historic YMCA building at Peach and West 10th Streets.

Kraus Department Store (810 Parade Street, Erie): In recognition of the Kraus Department Store’s creative and evolving commercial enterprise that offers an extensive variety of products and services, as well as good jobs on Erie’s original main street.

2013 Greater Erie Award Recipients

Tom and Cathy Ferraro and Jon and Maria Bowser (1020 Holland Street, Erie): In honor of their respectful transformation of a historical industrial structure into a modern residence and gallery space.

William T. Spaeder Company (1602 East 18th Street, Erie): In recognition of their century-long, multi-generational commitment to the City of Erie and the preservation of its heritage.

Monsignor Henry Kriegel and the Congregation of St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church (130 East 4th Street, Erie): In recognition of their exemplary commitment to the restoration and preservation of St. Patrick’s Church and the ecclesiastical heritage of Greater Erie.

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