Updating the Inventory of Erie’s Historic properties

Steve Bukowski, a senior Public History major at Mercyhurst University, is nearing the end of a months-long project to update the city of Erie’s survey of historic properties. Steve has now photographed and recorded data on well over 400 properties, with more to come in the last few weeks of the project.

Executed in fulfillment of Bukowski’s required internship and senior project in public history, the effort also will include an extensive narrative of Erie history as it is reflected in the city’s extant built environment—essentially what Erie’s built landscape tells an observer about the city’s history.

Look for the completed inventory and the historical narrative sometime by the middle of May—in time to help the Erie Center for Design and Preservation celebrate National Historic Preservation Month.

In the meantime, here is a link to a 3-minute video on the project, courtesy of Chris Norris, the Mercyhurst University Web master:


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