Manchester Road/Swanville Schoolhouse

Route 20 and Manchester Road, Fairview Township

The Swanville School was one of four brick school houses built in Fairview Township around the turn of the twentieth century. The others were Manchester School, Avonia School, and South High on Tannery Road just west of Route 98. The other three have been restored and put to new uses, while the Swanville School sits abandoned and in poor condition.  Swanville School was built in 1900 and was in use as a school until the early 1950’s when the one room schools were closed. Since then, it has been used as an auction house, a restaurant, and an audio store. It has now been empty for many years and is not being maintained. Without investment by the current property owner, or the investment of a new property owner, the condition of this resource will continue to degrade.

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